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Het is nooit te laat om te worden wat je had kunnen zijn.
Never too late to become what you could have been.
George Elliot


Natural Health Treatment and Wellness at Heerhugowaard.

What can you expect?

  • Classic homeopathy for adults and children
  • CEASE therapy
  • Massage, Body treatments and Facials
  • Reflextherapy at the feet.
  • Colorpuncture at the feet
  • Hairtissue Mineral Analysis
  • Energetic Morfologic bloodtest
  • Vegatest
  • Bioresonance therapy

Children & teenagers
The practice is also very suitable to visit with children and teenagers, you can read on this website about all kind of complains you or your child can come with , that are very suitable for treatment.

It can occur that your situation is not suitable for coming to the practice. For example your child has fever or you are invalid for travel, in that situation a visit to your place is possible and more appropriate! (please read costs and declarations )

Enjoy reading all about it. Welcome to Practice City of the Sun!

Tijm 7,
1705 RB Heerhugowaard
072-8505970 | 0613283806